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Not every verse in the Old Testament is the Word of God - Jesus

Through the Holy Spirit, God can speak to us through the Old Testament (and the New Testament). You cannot however quote a verse from the Old Testament (and even parts of the New Testament) as 'This is what God says'. Not every verse in the Bible is the 'Word of God' (as in God's direct words or will). Jesus made this clear to us.

I have written an article about this before - Is the Bible the Word of God. It is a very important and difficult topic that requires a book and not a single article to explain. So I have decided to write several articles on this topic starting with what Jesus believed about the Old Testament (we can't look at what He believed about the New Testament as it was not written yet).
Why is it important how we understand the Bible? You know the song - 'By the rivers of Babylon ...' - nice song - but it is not finished. The song was taken from Psalm 137. The Psalm ends with 'Blessed shall be he who takes and dashes your little on…