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The second donkey and why it matters

If you believe the Bible is the inerrant, infallible 'Word of God' then the second donkey must be a bit of a thorn in your side. I like the second donkey - for a different reason. We will get to the donkey in a moment, but first just a little background to help you understand why it is important.
First some important background I love the Bible - study it daily - but I do not believe is the inerrant, infallible 'Word of God'. In my article 'Is the Bible the Word of God' we discovered that Jesus and His teachings is the Word of God. We also discovered that the rest of the Bible is invaluable - that it can contain the Word of God - but that not every single verse in the Bible are the 'Words of God'. We looked at verses that shows Jesus did not believe everything in the Old Testament is the 'Word of God'. Read the full article here.

So for the rest of the Bible we really need the Holy Spirit to help us 'discover' the 'Word of God' …