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God requires compassion and not religion

Some people think the more religious they are the closer they are to God. Jesus however teach us that following religious rules is not what God wants from us. He wants us to have love and compassion towards others.

In my article Spiritual and Not Religious, we saw that being spiritual instead of religious is something that Jesus taught. We also saw that there is a big difference between the two.

Now we will look at one of the reasons why religion is not the way to go: Being religious makes you less compassionate and more judgmental.

You would think that Christians have love and compassion for others. The truth is that a majority of Christians are judgmental (something Jesus taught us not to be) and are very reluctant to help others if they don't belong to their own church - and even then money is mostly used building a bigger business (church) instead of helping people in need.

In a study in 2012 it was discovered that religious people are less inclined to help those in need.